Posted July 3, 2017 by k

MOMA, Machynlleth, Wales - 16 September – 25 November 2017

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As I approach my 40th year as an artist, it seems fitting to return to Wales, my home for nearly 10 years from 1990. This is where I developed a greater understanding and passion for landscape painting. It is where my journey into abstraction began, discovering themes which have remained central to my work. The strong connection I feel with ancient Celtic lands has played an important role in my progress and continues to inspire me in my current home in Cornwall.

The exhibition follows this path and illustrates it with key works. Beginning with paintings made in Wales 30 years ago, it will trace my progress in St Ives where the ocean and wide horizons encouraged me further reduce subject matter and approach the very edge of abstraction. Finally a new series of paintings brings me full circle. Once again I return to further explore the grandeur and ever changing moods of the welsh landscape.