Moon Tide

Posted July 3, 2017 by k

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Moon Tide 122x122cm oil on canvas

This canvas was painted in 2002 around the time that we moved into a house in St Ives with panoramic views. This viewpoint, above the harbour and across to the distant lighthouse became the starting point for many paintings. One particular night I was struck by the brilliance of the moon and when I looked out of the window the whole of St Ives Bay was bathed in a luminous light. The full moon lit up the whole of the bay and created strong reflections in the sea beneath it.

In this canvas the dark textured form reflects the harbour walls, viewed from above. An intense green anchors this on the left, suggesting the cliff tops enclosing the town. Precise white lines create a sense of movement, the rocking motion of the sea as the light catches the surface of the water. The whole composition revolves around a circular form, the moon itself, which is suspended just off centre. Finally three playful yellow lines dance across the intense blue, the piercing rhythm of streetlights.