To The Sea

Lemon Street Gallery

March 2010

The sea is a constant source of inspiration to me and it has played a huge part in the way my work has developed.West Cornwall has been my home now for well over a decade. There is a sense here of living on the edge, of being surrounded by the pure light and vast open space of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a challenging environment, ever changing, where the full force of nature is felt. It is this drama I aim to capture in my work, the power of waves striking the shore or the intense glow of the setting sun.

Memory plays an important part in the way I translate my experiences into paint. Over a period of time the subject is gradually condensed in my mind until I am left with just the most essential elements. The vertical form of a cliff face or the sweeping line of beach. The textures of granite and foaming surf all are stored in my subconscious. The long process then begins, converting this intense spark of an idea into paint. Although it is not always apparent, my paintings are constructed from many layers. Colour is brushed, knifed and blended. Over a period of months the structure is refined until I reach the point where the final gestural marks are applied and the the piece is resolved.

Recently life has been especially exciting and challenging for me. It has been a period where I have explored new media and techniques, resulting in a particularly productive and rewarding year. I am delighted to be exhibiting this new body of work at Lemon Street Gallery. Neil Canning, Febraury 2010